KoaWare Spotlight: Freeport, PA

This week’s KoaWare Spotlight lands in Freeport, PA, on a stately traditional-style brick home. With plenty of oversized windows, the interior is filled with natural light that brightens rooms and

How to Launch Your Agent Website in 5 Easy Steps

bldr by KoaWare offers the most easy-to-use website builder for real estate professionals, allowing you to build and launch your agent website instantly. Say goodbye to rigid templates, re-designs, and

KoaWare Spotlight: Rochester, MN

This week’s KoaWare Spotlight perfectly combines the warm and cozy traditional home style, matched with detailed, modern touches. This 6,000 sq. ft. Minnesota home has rolling views of green hills

KoaWare Spotlight: Palma de Mallorca

Oh my my, this Mallorcan home has visited you in your dreams.

This week’s KoaWare Spotlight takes us across the pond to the Spanish coastal city of Palma de Mallorca, where

KoaWare Spotlight: Maní Yucatan, Mexico

If you’re into guac and margs, this Mexican estate will guarantee instant satisfaction in your farm-to-table endeavors!
This week’s KoaWare Spotlight is a 191 acre estate, is a working ranch with